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Product: Drying and Dehumidifying System
Product category: Material Processing System

Product introduction:

Drying and dehumidifying system 
    The KRD dryer is a modification of the well-known KRD Bulk mixer, where homogeneous mixing is achieved in a few seconds. The mechanical fluidization ensures that all particles are surrounded by drying medium (cold/warm/hot air, inert gas etc.) and an effective transmission of energy occurs. Moisture is thereby extracted from the product.

Drying materials: powders, bulk Materials, filter cakes, Granules and liquids 

    The KRD drying technology is built on the well-known components and principles, which ensure a well arranged and reliable process. It consists of a modified KRD mixer, a heater (electric, steam or combustion), a cooler (for condensation and cooling of air), a heat exchanger, a centrifugal fan and a 2-step filter system. The primary filter for continuous cleaning , and the secondary filter for collection of fine particles. Heat pump can also be offered to increase the total thermal efficiency. The KRD Bulk Drying system has been especially developed to dry products very gently and to achieve the best possible
drying economy.

     Heated air is blown into the mixer and mixed with moist product. During this heat exchange, the moisture will evaporate from the product. Moist air passes through the filter before it is drawn into the fan. The air is thereafter blown through the cooler for condensation before it is reheated. When drying very moist products, the wet product is mixed with dry products first to ensure that the fluidization and the high drying rate are maintained.

     Today KRD offers the drying system as a closed or open system. The system usually operates with a batch dryer, producing multiple batches. For special applications the dryer can operate continuously where product is separated from the exhaust air in a cyclone or a filter system. 

Homogeneous drying: No local overheating, No local over drying, Gentle drying, Low drying temperature possible, Good correlation between product temperature and exhaust temperature. The integrated mixing technology always ensures a homogeneous batch

Capacity: High thermal capacity, Can operate close to the products maximum temperature, increasing the drying efficiency, Constant and controlled air supply, No change of fresh air, Increased total thermal efficiency with the optional use of a heat pump, Batch or continuous drying, Possible drying to absolute dryness.

Inert gas drying: For special applications KRD offers the drying system with inert gas as a drying medium.

Advantages: Prevents oxidation of the product, Drying of solvent based products, Reduces the possibility of explosion, Closed loop reduces inert gas consumption

Closed loop: No odor to the environment, Constant drying conditions, No effluent gases or dust, Condensation of water vapor, Energy saving due to recuperation of heat.
Inert gas drying as an option, Open system as an option

Control system: Customized control system, Temperature monitoring, together with homogeny mixture avoids variations, Easy definition of stop parameters for batch process, Overfilling and over drying are automatically avoided, Filter cleaning and monitoring give no effluent dust, Automatic operation possible

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