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1. Fluidizer introduction:

Fluidizer is an assisting component to flow bulk materials in the process of discharging. It is installed under the material.When the air is blowed in it will increase its fluidity, prevent bridges to make materials  be smoothly discharged.

Fluidizer is installed in many directions of the cone hopper, to help the material flow flexibly.

 Fluidizers contain batch  fluidizer, plate fluidizer, disc type fluidizer, etc.  silo fluidizer is its main kind.

2. KRD fluidizer's design purpose:

Help dry powder product flow in a flat shape or cone shape silo.For the standard equipment, while installing,conditions should be neutral PH value and temperature be lower than 350 ° F (170 ° C). While the moisture is less than 12-15%, fluidizer has the best effect. Large particles, such as stones, feed, grain and aggregates, can not work with fluidizer. When granular inserted with each other, such as wood planer slice, broken plastic material or  reinforced glass,fluidizer is also unable to achieve the ideal effect.

3. Installing requirement: at the 1/3-1/2 bottom of  cone place do the air operations. Taper slope shall be at least for 45 °, in order to achieve the best effect. In curved surface and install the diameter must be more than 16 ", to ensure proper seal (can undertake modification to apply to stricter requirements) conditions. The position of the first row fluidizer should be located with a distance 12 "- 18" with inlet. Each row should have sufficient number of devices to ensure 20-24 "separation requirements. Laid down a row device shall be in position to obtain complete staggered coverage.  The number of Fluidizer in higher Position can be increased.

4 maintanence suggestion: KRD fluidizer  need only little maintenance. However, shall do regular visual inspection to check wearing situation. Every year should conduct a below check:

4.1 check fluidizer dish wear. fluidizer plate shall tightly compress and seal hopper wall. Check whether it is worn. If the outer side no longer round, then means airflow differentials, it should be replaced.

4.2 inspectto ensure no products in dish "agglomerate" or scleroma. These sundry can be removed by dismantling disk with guide bar. Also check to ensure guide stem o-ring were not fractured or crushed to be flat.

4.3 when reinstall silo fluidizer , be sure to  tight nut to ensure the 25 feet 35 N m of torque.

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