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Product: KRD Big Bag Unloader
Product category: Discharging System

Product introduction:

Big bag unloader
     DDJ series of big bag unloader is used to unpack the sack with granule materials and can be used for unpacking and discharging Plastic Resin, Carbon Black and food additives and other xerotic materials in plastic, rubber and other industries. The system is through uplifting the sack to the charging gate of the unit, manual discharging the discharging gate of the sack, opening the flow valve and rotating unit to actuate the granule materials sacked with gravity drop into the hopper to complete the whole discharging process.

Main structure:
Unloading station bracket
Bulk bag crane equipment
Lifting shelf
Supporting massage panel
Control valve
Sealing equipment

100% apart the operator from the power and gas;

Fluidizer, lump breaker and weighting equipment optional;
Outlet equipment:

 Rotary valve & gravity flow, screw conveyor, vibrate conveyor, tube chain conveyor, rotary valve & pneumatic conveyor, vacuum conveyor,etc.

KRD bulk bag unloading station could scale weight losing, like following picture:

DDJ Series of Sack Unpacking Station is characterized by simple structure on the safe side, low power dissipation and breakage, which is especially applicable for toxic, flammable and high erosive with heavy dust particle occasions.

According to the different discharging method, DDJ series of sack unpacking station can be divided in three kinds of structures.

DDJ1 model series of sack unpacking station is through lifting the sack to the gantry of the dumper by fork-lift truck for there is no lifting rig.
DDJ2 model series of sack unpacking station is through lifting the sack to the gantry of the dumper by self-carrying lifting rig without external help.
DDJ3 model series of sack unpacking station not only could discharge bulk bag, but also could accomplish small bag unloading.

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